Nikhil progress and another CG preview

@stollcomics has been hard at work on Nikhil, and pencils and inks are both done for him.

With luck, he’ll be completely done this week.

@soulsoftea has also been hard at work on CGs, and I have another preview below (cut for mild NSFW and spoilers)

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Jake inks, more tentacle sprites

Here’s some inks for Jake, via the talented @stollcomics. Looking forward to his final version!

Given my incredible success at making my own Juan sprite, I went through and also did sprites for the other characters, and replaced them in the game. It looks pretty, uh… special.

I’m hoping to have sprites for everyone replaced by this weekend, which means it’ll be a significantly simpler matter of dropping in the final sprites when I get them.

Dan reposed sketch, and status

I’d gotten some feedback that Dan’s previous pose was a little strange. It was intended to be a friendly “I want a hug” kind of pose, but ended up not quite looking like that, and also looked particularly odd when I started to replace his sprite in the game, because he didn’t have a more generic default pose.

@stollcomics was awesome enough to oblige me, and came up with this instead, which I think fits his character well and also is a much more reasonable “default” for him.

I also wanted to provide a general status update, because it’s been an incredibly productive winter break. I’ve actually gotten through the entirety of my last TODO list except for updates based on personality. But more importantly, I’ve also finished spite replacement in the game for Dan, Jake, and Juan, which means the next game build is ready to go once those sprites are in.

This was particularly interesting for Juan, because I don’t have even a sketch version for him yet, so I improvised by making a variant stick figure sprite that included his different clothing. The result was rather, uh… interesting.

The behind-the-scenes book is also making good progress. In particular, I finished the guides on how to obtain all of the achievements and collectibles, wrote the sections on the different locations in the game, and mostly finished the section on characters.

Hopefully this productivity will continue.

Also, a very happy new year to everyone!

Frat House Outdoors background, James inks

More WIP art! Robert likes showing off his skills. Elliot is not amused.

Also I am in love with how James’ hair is turning out…

I’m supposed to have a final James sprite by this Saturday, so I’m in the process of replacing him in the game. With luck, we’ll have a new release this upcoming weekend with final James and Adam sprites!