Todo List #7

The goal is more cleanup:

  • Update RenPy version
  • Make sure sprites wear the appropriate accessories in epilogues
  • More oogling of Jake, Nikhil, and Dan if you find them attractive
  • More impact on scenes and choices from personality
  • Clean up banter with Jake and Nikhil
  • Add a character profile for Janet
  • More happy dreams if/when you’re not dating anyone
  • Attempt to add a link to immediately show collectible descriptions when you find one

And, of course, as they come in…

  • Replace sprites with new ones
  • Replace backgrounds with new ones

I have no illusions that I’ll get all of this done in the next build, but this represents the remainder of the active work items I have for the game.

Plus I need to continue work on the BTS book, but that’s something I can do more easily over break.

Progress! (The verb, this time.)

Release #7

So uh… it’s been a while. But this may be the biggest release yet, because with the final Adam and James sprites in the game, there are now completed scenes, and the game is really starting to look amazing. (The endless talents of @stollcomics​ on sprites and Crowkicks on backgrounds are really to thank, here.)

Version: v0.11211
Release name: B is for Bennett (because that’s James’ last name)

As usual, you can get it on the download page.

Changes in this release:

  • Combined a bunch of dialogue blocks
  • Body hair can now be toggled for all the guys (only applies to realistic sprites)
  • Accessory toggles now work on stick figure sprites
  • Character profile code has been cleaned up
  • Replaced campus, frat house outdoors, frat house common room, and frat house dining room backgrounds in game
  • Replaced Adam sprite in game
  • Replaced James sprite in game
  • You oogle Nikhil, Jake, and Dan more if you think they’re attractive
  • You can now join Nikhil and Jake’s banter
  • Stick figure sprites are no longer randomly (and weirdly) naked

Stats for this release: 27,102 dialog blocks, 227,277 words, 1,191,868 characters

I’m super excited!

Frat House Outdoors background, James inks

More WIP art! Robert likes showing off his skills. Elliot is not amused.

Also I am in love with how James’ hair is turning out…

I’m supposed to have a final James sprite by this Saturday, so I’m in the process of replacing him in the game. With luck, we’ll have a new release this upcoming weekend with final James and Adam sprites!