(Closed) Beta Release

This isn’t a release post in the normal sense, because this isn’t a public release. (You may also have noticed that I’ve taken down the download links.) But today is the “release” of the final beta for the game.

The game is basically done! I’ve done all the cleanup I want to do, all of the big sprites are in (leaving just Steve, Robert, and Ashleigh/Leigh), the final music is in, nudity is now patchable, and… we’re basically finished! So this beta is going to hopefully tease out any remaining issues.

I’ll get the remaining sprites in throughout January, and we’re looking at a late January final game release. Stay tuned to here (or, more preferably, my twitter) for more information as we approach mid-January.

Version: v0.202-beta
Release name: G is for Gay

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed a bug that deleted collectibles (sorry!)
  • Added a new scene for National Coming Out Day
  • Replaced Nikhil, Hannah, Elliot, Liz B., Liz G., and Nate sprites in game
  • Replaced music with final tracks
  • Replaced remaining CGs in game
  • Added some achievement hints
  • Added additional unlockable profile features
  • Added unlockable “placeholder” sprite style
  • Carlos now calls the main character by his name
  • Fixed a ton of typos
  • Censored sex scenes even more when censoring is enabled
  • Made game patchable for nudity/censoring

Stats for this release: 26,371 dialog blocks, 232,011 words, 1,222,701 characters 

Major kudos to @stollcomics for his herculean efforts in getting sprites done over the past few months and making this possible. The game (and the guys) are looking utterly gorgeous.

Release #11

So I lied. A lot of small changes started stacking up, and the massive renaming of Juan to Carlos made me feel like I should push another build before November. So have a new build!

It’s worth noting that this is not the “final” build I want to sic beta testers on, but it basically has all of the features I wanted to add to the game, as well the final JuanCarlos sprite. The big new thing is CGs (or at least placeholders for CGs). A true “final” build will still be coming in November or December.

Version: v0.21006
Release name: F is for Friendship

As usual, you can get it on the download page.

Changes in this release:

  • Renamed Juan to Carlos
  • Replaced Carlos sprite in game
  • Added placeholder CGs to route endings
  • Replaced one CG in game
  • Fixed self-voicing across main menu, preferences, and in-game menus
  • Fixed bug with viewing character profiles during gameplay
  • Allowed replay of epilogue scenes from character profiles
  • Allowed viewing of CGs from character profiles
  • Minor epilogue tweaks
  • Minor sprite cleanup
  • Minor story tweaks

Stats for this release: 26,245 dialog blocks, 230,640 words, 1,213,973 characters

Edit: I’m aware of a bug in this release that will delete some of your collectibles every time you view the Collectibles screen (including switching back to it from the Achievements screen). I’m not going to patch this release, so avoid viewing your collection for now if you care about finding everything.

Release #10

I (finally) finished staging music for the game, so here’s a new build! It’s all still demo tracks, so things don’t loop properly and aren’t really balanced volume-wise yet, but it should be enough to get a feel for things.

There’s unfortunately been no sprite progress, but the final three backgrounds are also now complete and in the game.

Version: v0.20909
Release name: E is for Etudes 

As usual, you can get it on the download page.  Next Tuesday 9/18 will be the one-year anniversary of the first public YAGS build. We’ve come a long way.

Changes in this release:

  • Staged all music for the game (!) with demo tracks
  • Replaced James’ Apartment, Game Room, and Epilogue Apartment backgrounds in game
  • Added notifications when new game or profile features are unlocked

Stats for this release: 26,215 dialog blocks, 230,304 words, 1,209,504 characters

Xenopathy Part One Is Out

Get it HERE

In a future where humanity has taken to the stars, and where alien symbiotes can temporarily share a willing human host’s body, play as an alien thrown into the middle of an awkward romance and mystery.

The Ishin aliens have the ability to transfer their minds into willing hosts – sharing the space with the existing consciousness.

The first host is a shy, in-love bio-engineer who hopes the alien can give him the confidence he needs to ask out the person of his dreams, but things don’t go as planned, and when the alien returns to the mine base and into the second host, it’s for a much more urgent, and darker reason. 

Xenopathy is a hybrid romance/mystery visual novel that was written, drawn, and coded in two months for Yaoijam 2018 

Release #9

Thanks to @stollcomics‘ epic toiling, we have a new game build with two new sprites!

Version: v0.20407
Release name: D is for Dan

As usual, you can get it on the download page

Changes in this release:

  • Replaced Jake and Dan sprites in game
  • Added 33 more collectibles
  • Added another achievement
  • Minor sprite cleanup

Stats for this release: 26,254 dialog blocks, 230,683 words, 1,211,435 characters 

Release #8

I’m still waiting on final Jake and Dan sprites, but I wanted to push a new release anyway due to the massive number of changes queuing up. We’re approaching full background replacement, with only three left (James’ apartment, the student center game room, and the epilogue apartment), which is exciting.

The biggest change in this release is probably the full replacement of all character sprites with “better” stick figures, which I affectionately dub “tentacle sprites” due to their arms. I suspect there are remaining bugs, but this means future builds with finished sprites will be much less buggy.

Version: v0.20122
Release name: C is for Cookie (because Jake)

As usual, you can get it on the download page

Changes in this release: 

  • Combined a bunch of dialogue blocks 
  • Updated RenPy version
  • Replaced Jake sprite with inked version
  • Replaced all other sprites with “better” stick figures
  • Replaced computer lab, library, student center hallways, student center atrium, hospital, theatre, Q&A room, Dan’s room, and swimming pool backgrounds in game
  • Added a difficulty setting (unlocked after one playthrough)
  • Added a character profile for Janet
  • Accessories properly show up in epilogue scenes
  • Added additional scenes with Elliot
  • Added additional dream scenes
  • Small tweaks to Jake and Nikhil banter
  • You can immediately view collectible descriptions when you obtain one
  • Slightly renamed/reworded some collectibles for consistency

Stats for this release: 26,300 dialog blocks, 230,663 words, 1,211,282 characters 

Release #7

So uh… it’s been a while. But this may be the biggest release yet, because with the final Adam and James sprites in the game, there are now completed scenes, and the game is really starting to look amazing. (The endless talents of @stollcomics​ on sprites and Crowkicks on backgrounds are really to thank, here.)

Version: v0.11211
Release name: B is for Bennett (because that’s James’ last name)

As usual, you can get it on the download page.

Changes in this release:

  • Combined a bunch of dialogue blocks
  • Body hair can now be toggled for all the guys (only applies to realistic sprites)
  • Accessory toggles now work on stick figure sprites
  • Character profile code has been cleaned up
  • Replaced campus, frat house outdoors, frat house common room, and frat house dining room backgrounds in game
  • Replaced Adam sprite in game
  • Replaced James sprite in game
  • You oogle Nikhil, Jake, and Dan more if you think they’re attractive
  • You can now join Nikhil and Jake’s banter
  • Stick figure sprites are no longer randomly (and weirdly) naked

Stats for this release: 27,102 dialog blocks, 227,277 words, 1,191,868 characters

I’m super excited!

Release #6

I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for the final Adam sprite to push a new release, given everything else that’s stacking up behind it. So here’s a new release with the first real art assets: theme music, backgrounds, and inked (but not colored) Adam sprite. Hopefully the next release will include both finalized Adam and James sprites, but we shall see.

Also, as the game approaches a more “finished” state, I’m going to start giving releases a name. This one is “A is for Adam”, since it features a partially-finished Adam sprite.

Version: v0.11107
Release name: A is for Adam

As usual, you can get it on the download page

Changes in this release:

  • Replaced Adam sprite in game (with unfinished version)
  • Replaced Freshman dorm room, dining hall, and The Yard backgrounds in game
  • All other backgrounds marked as placeholder backgrounds
  • Added theme song to title screen
  • Character profiles have additional features
  • Game reacts differently based on how much you see Elliot and the Lizzes
  • Dan should be a little more polite early on
  • You can pay for food when you go out with people
  • Calendar now includes day of the week
  • Added bonus post-epilogue scenes for the main guys
  • Minor bug fixes

Stats for this release: 27,888 dialog blocks, 225,214 words, 1,179,425 characters