ZAGS Planner Progress

ZAGS is going to be a more traditional stat-based dating sim, so an important part of the GUI is the planner and stats screens.

I spent part of today getting the screens up and running, with a ton of animation thanks to ATL. I think it turned out pretty nice!

Also managed to get the prologue to the game completed today, so actually managed quite a lot of progress.

Tomorrow we’ll start work on actually coding the planner.

ZAGS GUI Progress

I’ve made less progress than I wanted on ZAGS, but I’m in the process of building out the game GUI now.

Here’s an animation of the choice menus and how things move about the screen.

My goal is both to finish writing the prologue and to start on the scheduler/stat aspects of the game by the end of the week. We’ll see how far I get!

So it begins…

ZAGS has been a long time coming, so this is, in some ways, a continuation of the previous ZAGS posts.

But I think I’m actually starting up in earnest now. Spent yesterday both testing the cross-game persistent variables that will carry game state over from YAGS:

as well as starting to pull together the GUI (also Hi, stick figure Chris!):

More to come, including code explanations for the cross-game functionality and my usage of LayeredImage to replace YAGS’ convoluted sprite system.

Title Screen Mockup

Mockup of the title screen. The placeholder sprites look terrible when reduced to line art. 🙁

The idea is that all of the characters appear as you meet them, and they’ll be clickable to take you to an in-game profile page for that character.

Hopefully the real sprites will make this look significantly better. If not, this may need to be replaced with something different.