Status Update

I’ve been posting monthly status updates at @bobcgames, but I figured I owed some update over here as well.

There hasn’t been too much progress, in the past few months. My sprite artist has been crazed with his webcomic, and my background artist seems to have had some personal issues.

As noted in the last post, I found a new background artist, and the final two backgrounds in the game are now complete, thanks to Vui Huynh. The epilogue apartment is kind of a gorgeous way to end on backgrounds.

In the music department, I have almost all of the tracks as demo versions, so I’ll be able to start staging music into the game soon. With any luck, the next build in a couple of months will have fully-staged music as well as another sprite or two.

It’s worth noting that the game is already fully playable, despite the lack of assets, and you can download it today. Just click the “Get the Game” link above.


Frat House Outdoors background, James inks

More WIP art! Robert likes showing off his skills. Elliot is not amused.

Also I am in love with how James’ hair is turning out…

I’m supposed to have a final James sprite by this Saturday, so I’m in the process of replacing him in the game. With luck, we’ll have a new release this upcoming weekend with final James and Adam sprites!

Campus backgrounds

Here’s some more gorgeous backgrounds, via Crowkicks, featuring variants on the campus scene. Those fall colors seriously took my breath away.

Also Adam does not like the cold. (Work-in-progress sprites via @stollcomics.) But at least there’s only one of him. For now.

(He does theoretically like snow, but I guess he forgot his hat and scarf, and is therefore less interested in it at the moment.)

Moar Backgrounds

I’ve been negligent at sharing in-progress backgrounds on tumblr. The first two of these are already in the game itself, but here’s some not-so-previews anyway, via the talented Crowkicks.

Jake really likes pizza. And food. (Also Adam is confused at how he eats so much.)

Juan really likes running? Not that he’s doing particularly much of it at the moment…