(Closed) Beta Release

This isn’t a release post in the normal sense, because this isn’t a public release. (You may also have noticed that I’ve taken down the download links.) But today is the “release” of the final beta for the game.

The game is basically done! I’ve done all the cleanup I want to do, all of the big sprites are in (leaving just Steve, Robert, and Ashleigh/Leigh), the final music is in, nudity is now patchable, and… we’re basically finished! So this beta is going to hopefully tease out any remaining issues.

I’ll get the remaining sprites in throughout January, and we’re looking at a late January final game release. Stay tuned to here (or, more preferably, my twitter) for more information as we approach mid-January.

Version: v0.202-beta
Release name: G is for Gay

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed a bug that deleted collectibles (sorry!)
  • Added a new scene for National Coming Out Day
  • Replaced Nikhil, Hannah, Elliot, Liz B., Liz G., and Nate sprites in game
  • Replaced music with final tracks
  • Replaced remaining CGs in game
  • Added some achievement hints
  • Added additional unlockable profile features
  • Added unlockable “placeholder” sprite style
  • Carlos now calls the main character by his name
  • Fixed a ton of typos
  • Censored sex scenes even more when censoring is enabled
  • Made game patchable for nudity/censoring

Stats for this release: 26,371 dialog blocks, 232,011 words, 1,222,701 characters 

Major kudos to @stollcomics for his herculean efforts in getting sprites done over the past few months and making this possible. The game (and the guys) are looking utterly gorgeous.

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