September Updates

A couple of days late, but I wanted to note some YAGS news.

As you saw last post, Juan’s sprite is done. The first, related, news is that I’m renaming Juan to Carlos. The game will be updated for the “final” demo build, and I’m going to go through and retroactively change all of the companion fics I’ve been writing. There’s a lot of reasons for the change, but one bonus is less confusion around “J” names. (Can you believe the protag was originally named “John” too?)

Juan’sCarlos’ sprite is also supposed to be the start of a more steady stream of sprite work, as we now have general dates for all of the remaining sprites.

Which means… I can start setting some release dates! My goal is to push a “final” demo build in late November or early December, which will include final versions of everything except sprites. And even then it should only be a few sprites missing. At that point, I’ll sic some official beta testers on the game to suss out any remaining bugs…

…Because I’m establishing an official game release date of February 2019. That date may still slip, but I’m hoping it won’t fall too far.

Here’s an image of all of the characters so far. (All finished sprites via @stollcomics, as always.)

The game will be free (via and possibly Steam?) when it releases, but I’ll offer some bonuses for donations (soundtrack, wallpapers, and a behind-the-scenes book with game tips and tricks), if you want to support my gamedev efforts.

(As always, the demo is playable now, and includes basically the full game minus sprite and music polish.)

The other big piece of news is that @soulsoftea is onboard to provide some CGs, at least to cover the endings of each path, so expect some more awesome art to cap out the game experience. A (very preliminary) sketch of the first one is below (cut both for NSFW and mild spoilers of who the game routes are):

I give you surfer Carlos. Who is suffering a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

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