Upcoming Projects

randomnobodyandfriends asked:Really enjoyed YAGS, will definitely play it a few more times once finished. If you don’t mind sharing, do you have any idea what genre your next project will be?

Thank you for the message!

I expect YAGS will be code-complete by the end of February, with both final backgrounds and music, leaving only sprites to go. Those should filter in over the next few months, so hoping for a final release sometime this summer. (But with plenty of releases between now and then with sprite updates.)

I have two projects I want to work on while I’m waiting for sprites:

The first is ZAGS, a direct sequel to YAGS, but built more as a stat-based dating sim, because I really want to get into more advanced RenPy coding, and I think setting up weekly scheduling with interspersed VN scenes would make for an interesting project. YMMV in terms of play, because I expect it will feel extremely different than YAGS.
This also has the benefit of reusing many assets from YAGS, so its release won’t get delayed waiting for sprites. And hopefully I’ll be able to plan in several CGs as well.
(Screenshot below of the current GUI, as implemented in RenPy, including the stats summary screen.)

The second is intended to be a short (5-10k word) VN based off of a drabble I wrote one night while I couldn’t sleep. It’ll probably be in RenJS, and I mostly want to pursue this project as a way to handle all art assets for a game myself. (Some sketches of the sprites are below. They look pretty weird. I’m clearly not an artist.) Story-wise, it’s a slight fantasy twist on reality?

Of course, given my lack of motivation on things sometimes, it’s also possible that neither of these things will actually come to pass.

(It’s also worth noting that the second of these projects was my primary reason for splitting my tumblr up yesterday, so expect more details about it in the relatively near future.)

Todo List #8, Housekeeping

Welcome to the new home of YAGS… at the same URL. Unfortunately, tumblr doesn’t make it easy to change the “master” tumblr associated with an account, and I felt weird having @bobcgames be subservient to @yags-game… so here we are.

I’ve reblogged almost all of the content from the original tumblr (just missing the first three posts, I think?) and re-tagged everything, so there shouldn’t be too much of a difference once we settle in here.

In any case, there’s actually not much work left to do on YAGS. My main goal with the next build is to stage in music with placeholders, so I’m ready to go once the final tracks come in. Of course, there will also be work to replace sprites and backgrounds as those come in.

  • More impact on scenes and choices from personality
  • Add more collectibles (aiming for a total of 333)
  • Stage music for the entire game
  • Replace sprites with new ones
  • Replace backgrounds with new ones

The BTS book is also mostly done at this point, minus filling in sprites for asthetics, but I should also work on finishing that up.