Todo List #6

The name of the game is cleanup. I will probably also get more assets (backgrounds and sprites) that I’ll start plugging into the game as they come in, which are non-trivial efforts, but also not really predictable.

  • Continue to condense dialogue blocks to reduce number of clicks
  • Stick figure sprites should support epilogue extra accessories
  • Cleanup of character profile code
  • Allow MC to join Nikhil/Jake banter
  • More immediate feedback after making hotness selections for all the guys
  • Option to turn off body hair (really only matters for realistic sprites)

And, of course, as they come in…

  • Replace sprites with new ones
  • Replace backgrounds with new ones

I’m also starting work on the behind-the-scenes PDF book that I want to offer as a premium item with the game. Learning Scribus has been surprisingly straightforward, but I guess that’s generally on the todo list as well.


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