Todo List #5

I’m expecting to have the finished Adam sprite this weekend (and certainly next week, if not), so the next release will be focused on getting him into the game. (Essentially, replacing every “show adam” command in the game with either “showsp adam” or “showexp adam” and testing the results. There’s almost 1100 such commands, so I have my work cut out for me; thank god for lint.)

  • Replace Adam sprites in game with final sprite.
  • Continue to condense dialogue blocks to reduce number of clicks. 
  • Add additional features to character profiles.
  • Allow MC to pay for food in group outings.

If the theme song gets finished, I’ll stick it in as well. Might be a little jarring to have music only on the title screen, but that’s what the sound settings in preferences are for, I guess. 🙂

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