Todo List #2

I think I’ve ironed out a lot of the particularly weird parts of the game. There’s more I still want to do there, but I want to take a step back and throw some work into the GUI for a bit. TODOs for my own tracking purposes:

  • Finalize the new name for the game. (Hoping to keep the acronym YAGS, but I want a name that emphasizes the story more than the dating.)
  • Continue to condense dialogue blocks to reduce number of clicks.
  • Finish up GUI for dialogue and core gameplay, and start on GUI changes for menus and the title screen.
  • “Finalize” numbers for different endings (good vs bad endings, friendship rewards), as all good endings are currently set at trivially-achievable values.
  • Add an additional opportunity to get on James’ good side.

As always, feedback on things you like, find weird, or hate, are always appreciated.

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