EBAE: Week One

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m working on a game for barajam (Earth Boys Are Easy) with the amazingly talented @poorlyformed. It’s technically been more than a week, but we’ll call it that for the sake of simplicity.

In that time, I have written approximately 7800 words, and staged all of the current sprites and backgrounds. 

PF has, naturally, finished up three sprites (Ajax, Cato, and the MC Luke), as well as one background (with a few variants). There’s also some other completed art (the logo and title screen image), but those aren’t in the game yet.

Here’s a screenshot which demonstrates pretty much everything that exists so far in the game.

It’s a little weird seeing the default RenPy GUI, because GUI replacement is usually one of the first things I do in a game. But that will have to wait until after writing is complete, in this case.


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