I posted some (very) short drabbles a while back on my Twitter. It was actually interesting to try to get something across in so few characters.

Here’s a compilation of them. Mild plot spoilers ahead.

He opens the drawer, pulling out a small box, fiddling with the combination, pulling out his wedding ring, and slipping it on before taking your hand again.

“You could just leave it at home on performance nights.” 

He shrugs. 

“Important to me. Like you.” 

“We really need a signal for when you two are getting it on in here.”

“Or you could just knock.”

“Right. Because you wouldn’t just say to come in anyway and then ask us to join you.”

“Well, do you want to?”

“I should probably go make sure he’s not too mortified.” 

“C’mon, chico. It’s pizza time.”

“Dude. You have a 9 AM final tomorrow.”

“Pizza is brain food.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not true. Can’t we get one delivered?”

“But the ambiance!”

“You mean the excuse to not study.”

“Same thing.”

“Fine, but I’m bringing this book.” 

You look over your shoulder and change lanes.

“This feels like old times,.”

“Yeah, except if you ask me if I think some guy is cute now, I won’t almost crash the car this time.”

“I’m… really proud of how far you’ve come, Chris. Also, um. Sorry again, about that.” 

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