Xenopathy: Week Two

Another week down in @yaoijam, and we’re making great progress!

The majority of what’s gotten done this week is spritework: @soulsoftea has been doing a great job churning out awesomeness. Since last week, we have final designs for both Bethan and Cian.

@pmscenarios has continued doing a great job on world building and character backstories. Almost all of the characters have been fleshed out at this point, and we have a good idea of the whole plot.

Stuff in the writing department (Bobco™ division) is proceeding perhaps a bit slower. I’m doing a rewrite of the first part, to better fit our desired characterizations and style. Life has gotten in a way a bit, but I aim to at least be through the rewrite of day one this weekend. Otherwise, the rest of the first half is fairly well stubbed out, except for day three.


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