Xenopathy: Week One

We’re one “week” into Yaoijam (only because we started early), and we’ve made a lot of great progress!

@pmscenarios has been doing a lot of research, story planning, and world-building. There’s not a lot to directly show there, but suffice to say, this is probably the largest part of what’s gotten done over the past week.

@soulsoftea has been hard at work on the first sprite, Axton. We got a few different variants to start the conversation on character design, and got to a rough sprite for him, but he’s already looking amazing!

As for me, after getting some stuff done on the GUI, I’ve mostly been writing. We have a (very) rough draft of day one, along with the beginning of day 2. We’re also 7000+ words into it, so that’s some decent progress.

Next week is likely to be more of the same. My goal is to have a super rough draft of the first half of the game done, and possibly also some further GUI cleanup.

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