Fic: A Proposal

Hey, look. It’s another fic! (See all of them here.)

There’s a lot of things, in terms of backstory with the other characters and things that you don’t see, that I have specced out in my mind. I thought it would be interesting to present them in text form to fill in some of the gaps, as it were, in the main YAGS storyline.

Needless to say, these pieces will be highly spoilerific, so I recommend you do not read them unless you have finished the game at least once. (Likewise, they may not make as much sense if you haven’t played the game at least once.)

Seriously. Spoilers ahead! Do not continue if you haven’t played the game!

Additional warning: This fic is highly explicit, and NSFW, and all of that stuff. R18+, NC-17, XXX, etc, etc.

Saturday June 25, 2011

“Did you see the news?”

Jake blushes at this, and Nate laughs, pulling him against his side and kissing the top of his head.

Hannah shakes her head. “Geez, Nikhil. At least let them get settled first.”

“Sure. Sorry. But, uh… I take that as a yes.”

“Yes.” Nate pulls off his coat, taking Jake’s as he hands it to him, and hanging them on the coat rack. “It’s been a while since Massachusetts, so I guess we’re overdue.”

“Hopefully California will follow suit soon. Or at least… amend the constitution again or something. Then you two can get married.”

“I thought we were letting them get settled first, Han.”

“Oh, shush. I call dibs on helping you with cake tasting.”

“Yeah, because Jake will need so much help eating cake.”

Chris, sitting in the corner, snickers at this, and Hannah sticks her tongue out at him.

“Why don’t you find someone to marry, Chris? Then I can help taste your cakes too.”

Nate bites his lip, suppressing the instinct to read innuendo into it, as Nikhil shakes his head. “What are cakes, really?”

Jake grins. “We just don’t know.”

“Write that down in your copy books.”

Chris stares at the two of them like they’re crazy as Jake laughs and settles down next to Hannah, his head on her shoulder. Nate pulls out his laptop and sets himself up at his desk.

“So… we’re not going to work through another Saturday, right?” Nikhil stares pointedly at Hannah.

“I just want to get this bug figured out. Then we can play board games.”

Nate runs through his emails, drafting out some responses as Jake and Hannah debug some code. He finds he really enjoys weekends in the office, devoid of the usual phone-call-and-meeting madness that, despite being enjoyable, can also be a bit exhausting.

Hannah’s triumphant squeal a while later informs him that Jake and Hannah have succeeded at finding the bug, and he closes his laptop. “Success?”

“Yeah. I was just being stupid. Boolean logic is hard.”

“I don’t know why you’re such a fan of huge ‘if’ clauses, Han. Make some helper methods.”

“I don’t know. I guess this one started out simple and we kept adding more features around it.” She types a couple of characters, then frowns at the notebook page in front of her with a multi-column table hastily scribbed onto it. “Anyway, fixed. I hope.”

Nate stands behind the two of them, his chin on Jake’s head, staring at the screen. The words there make little sense to him. “Yep. Looks right to me.”

Hannah laughs and swats his arm. “Uh huh.”

“So… game?” Chris folds up his laptop as Nikhil digs through the pile of boxes. “King of Tokyo?”

Hannah frowns, staring at the screen. “Wait, what?”

“Is that a ‘no’?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry. Just… just making sure this is right.” She waves her hand, dismissively, still staring at the screen. “I can play whatever.”

“I don’t really like that game.” Nate stands upright as Jake stretches and turns his chair to face Nik and Chris. “There’s too much randomness. I assume we’re not interested in Carcassonne again?”

Chris pulls a box from the pile. “Dixit?”

Nate shrugs, remembering that this was one of the more abstract games in the collection. “That sounds good.”

The four of them set up the game as Hannah finishes debugging. She soon joins them at the table, smiling, looking at her hand of cards.


“Yeah. I think Jake’s right, and I just need to go through and refactor this class. Or this entire mess of classes.” She sighs. “Code maintenance is hard, but we’ve just been adding to this part for the past year without cleaning any of it up.”

Chris shrugs. “I don’t mind. I can do it, if you don’t mind handling some of these new features I have stacking up behind me.”

Nikhil frowns. “Hey. It’s Saturday. No more work talk today.” He moves a couple of cards around in his hand. “Anyway, I have a…”

“Oo. I have one!”

Jake laughs and Nikhil shakes his head. “Ladies first.”

“Nate and Jake run off to New York to get married.”

Chris raises an eyebrow at her, and Jake looks at her, curiously. “That’s… your word or phrase?”

She puts a card down in the middle and smiles. “Yup.”

Nikhil shakes his head and puts a card on top of hers. “That’s gotta be one hell of a card, then.”

Nate looks through his cards, trying to find an appropriate one, even as his mind keeps running over her words, unable to outright dismiss the idea, even as he knows it’s crazy.

Sunday June 26, 2011

He wakes up early the next morning, carefully letting himself out of bed as to not wake Jake. Not that he really had to worry about that anyway – Jake was a pretty heavy sleeper.

He quickly changes and sits at his laptop, running through his emails again. As he navigates through his usual rotation of news sites, a headline catches his eyes and brings Hannah’s words back to him.

“No. That’s crazy.” But even as he’s telling himself the words, he finds himself navigating to a travel site.

A short while later, the sound of the door opening grabs his attention and he hastily changes the tab, swiveling his chair around. “Hey. Good morning.”

Jake smiles at him, his hair tousled in the way that Nate always finds adorable. “Good morning.”

Nate stands and holds him, kissing the top of his head. “Breakfast?”

Jake yawns and rubs his eyes, his head against Nate’s chest. “Yeah. Can we make waffles?”

“Triple batch with whipped cream and chocolate chips on top. Got it.” He can feel Jake smile against him.

They head to the kitchen, and Nate peers into the fridge, trying to find an excuse, as Jake starts pulling dry ingredients out of the cupboard. The orange juice, unfortunately, is nearly full, and the whipped cream can is new.

“Hey, babe. Do you want mimosas?”

“I like mimosas.”

“I’m going to run to the store and get some champagne then, unless you need my help here.”

Jake pulls a large mixing bowl out of an overhead cupboard, almost dropping it on his head, and Nate reminds himself again to move the bowls to a lower shelf. “No. I can get this started.”

Nate nods, kissing him quickly and grabbing his coat. “Back soon, then.”

He searches the store for something appropriate, eventually settling on a plain-looking bouquet of roses alongside the champagne. The cashier smiles at him as she scans his items.

“Got a date?”

“Something like that.”

“She must be something special. You look like you’re glowing.”

Nate smiles, an image of Jake snuggled up against his side last night flashing into his mind. “…yeah.”

He arrives home to the smell of baking waffles and the sound of sausage sizzling on the stove. Jake turns toward him as he closes the door. “Did y…”

Nate laughs as he pulls off his coat, awkwardly shifting the flowers between his hands as Jake stares at him, a smile on his lips. “Aw, come on. It’s not like I never get you flowers.”

Jake blushes as the beeping of the waffle maker grabs his attention and he fiddles with the batter. “I know. But I still… I still think it’s really nice of you.”

Nate shrugs, dropping to a knee behind him, suddenly feeling extremely nervous about the whole thing.

“But, um. Tha…” Jake closes the waffle maker on another waffle before turning back around, looking confused before his eyes widen. “…Nate?”

“I, um…” Nate laughs, nervously. “Okay, this feels stupid now.” He shifts his weight. “Jake… I love you. I want to marry you. And I know we’re already engaged, but I just… don’t want to wait. So I, um…” He swallows, staring into Jake’s eyes. “I got us a flight to New York tonight. And, uh… I would kind of love if you’d, uh… if you’d marry me. Even though you already said you would. But just… now.”

His heart feels like it’s in his throat as Jake stares at him. Then he smiles in the way he does with his entire body, and Nate feels himself relaxing again.

“I… I would really like that.”

He stands and grabs him, claiming his mouth and pulling him against him. Jake makes a surprised noise before wrapping his arms behind his back. He finds he doesn’t even mind Jake’s morning breath, at the moment.

They break and Jake snuggles up against him again, head against his chest. “I kind of love when you’re awkward around me. You’re just so… composed, normally.”

Nate kisses his head. “You just have that effect on me, babe.”

“Um. But can we get married after waffles?”

Nate laughs, and Jake smiles against him, and he knows everything is going to be fine.

Monday June 27, 2011

They stumble into the hotel room, license in hand, and Nate barely has the chance to look around and note that their bags were properly delivered before Jake’s lips are on his and his hands are tugging at the back of his shirt.

Nate laughs, kissing him back, hands tracing up Jake’s back as he moans into his mouth. “I… I love you, Nate.”

“I love you, too. But I’m kind of amazed you’re so… energetic right now, given the red eye flight and all of that mess this morning.”

Jake shrugs and unbuttons his shirt, shrugging it off and pulling off the t-shirt underneath before staring at the ground and blushing. “I slept okay on the plane. And I just, um… I really like that you’re my husband, now.”

“Well, not for 24 hours.”

“Close enough.”

Nate laughs, removing his own shirt as Jake watches him, hungrily. “What.. what do you want, babe?”

“I need you.”

“God, yes.” Nate shivers as Jake removes his belt and his fingers trail under his waistband. “Bed?”

Jake unzips Nate’s pants and pulls down his pants and underwear. “Yeah, in… in a second.”

Then his mouth is on him, and Nate groans, his fingers in Jake’s hair as he tries to keep himself from making too much noise. “Jake, that… Oh god… like that…” He can feel Jake smile around his dick as he sucks. He’s not sure why, but he’s always found blowjobs from Jake to be the most amazing, even with the lack of technical skill compared to Dan. He tends to chalk it up to the love they have for each other.

He’s closer than he’d like, sooner than he’d like, and his hands grap Jake’s head urgently. “Babe, I’m… I’m gonna.”

Jake releases him with a slight pop, lips red and smiling as he stares up at him. “Bed?”

Nate grabs him, kissing him as he picks him up and drops him onto the bed with a surprised yelp. He pulls off the rest of Jake’s clothing before standing back and looking him over, his heart swelling with emotion as Jake blushes. “I’m…”

“Hi, husband.”

Jake laughs and holds out his arms toward him. “That’s… nice. ‘Husband.’ Come here.”

Nate forces his gaze away from the tempting sight before him, trying to remember where he’d packed the lube. “Just… let me… get this.” He quickly finds it before laying on the bed next to Jake. He pulls Jake against him, urgently, their cocks rubbing together deliciously as his hand trails down Jake’s back.

Jake groans and buries his face in Nate’s shoulder, pushing back against him. “Nate.”

His fingers find Jake’s entrance and he rubs him, gently. Jake groans again, pushing back against his fingers and biting gently, subconsciously, on Nate’s shoulder. He’s dangerously close already, between feeling Jake against him, the sounds he’s making, and the thought of sliding into him, and he pulls back a bit as he fumbles with the lube, trying to slick his shaking fingers.

“Please…” Jake begs as Nate stretches him, and he bites his lip to resist the urge to flip him around and bury himself in Jake’s ass. “I’m… I’m ready. I just need…”

“I don’t ever want to hurt you, babe.” Nate coaxes Jake’s chin up with his other hand, and kisses him gently. Jake stares into his eyes, needy, and somehow the sight of him goes straight to his cock.

“Please?” Jake begs again, and this time Nate doesn’t hesitate, pushing Jake onto his back and quickly slicking himself up.

He positions himself, his cock nudging against him, feeling Jake wrap his legs around his back and his heart beating a million miles an hour. He bends down and kisses him, hard, teeth knocking together as he gently pushes forward and Jake moans into his mouth.

He slips inside, then, the tightness amazing even just around the head, and he breaks, his face against the pillow and all of his willpower fighting off his urge to cum.

“N… Nate….” Jake’s hands trail down his back, to his ass, and he gently pulls him forward. Nate’s breath hitches as he gently slides deeper, feeling Jake’s rapid breath against his ear. “That… that’s amazing.”

He can feel Jake’s cock twitch against his stomach, and then he’s there, buried inside him, his hips against Jake’s ass and Jake moaning into his ear in a way that should be annoyingly loud but instead threatens his self control. He groans, his hips thrusting involuntarily, coaxing another moan from Jake’s lips.

“You can… you can move. I… want you to move.”

Nate starts to thrust, gently, feeling Jake’s hands flailing uselessly against his back. “I never want to hurt you, Jake.”

“I know. You don’t. You… you never do. You just…. ohhh.”

He sits up, shifting his weight and pulling Jake down on his cock in the way he knows that he likes. He finds he personally prefers being closer to him, kissing him as they make love, but then he’s rewarded by a loud gasp from Jake as he hits that spot inside him and finds that this way has a lot of merit too.

Jake starts stroking himself, roughly, as Nate thrusts, trying his hardest to stave off his orgasm even as he stares into Jake’s eyes, half-lidded, and can feel himself going over the edge. He knows Jake likes it when they finish together, and tries, desperately to hold on. “Jake, I… I’m going…”

Then he hits that spot inside Jake again, and Jake lets out a yell, and they’re both cumming, his lips on his again, and hands tangled in his hair, as he fills Jake, thrusting involuntarily into him as he finds himself shaking.

They lay there for a bit, breaking for air, heartbeats slowing, and Nate gently thrusts again, feeling his cock starting to soften inside him. Jake laughs into his cheek, hands winding around his back and pulling him closer. “Sex with you is always… amazing. And perfect.”

Nate pulls out, the lack of pressure both relieving and disappointing, laying on his side next to Jake and holding him possessively. Despite the part of him that misses sex with others, he’s pretty sure moments like this, and how happy monogamy makes Jake, makes it all worth it. “Yeah, well. You’re… you’re perfect.”

Jake blushes and kisses him. “You’re kind of more perfect. Husband.” He sighs happily, and looks around the room. “Also this room is amazing. I think it’s the nicest hotel room I’ve ever been in.”

“You haven’t seen the bathroom yet. How about a bath?”

They sit in the bath together, Nate’s arms wrapped around Jake, in a comfortable silence.

“I… don’t think I’ve taken a bath since I was little.”

“I don’t think I have either. We’ll have to do this more often.”

“In the tiny bathtub at home?”

Nate shrugs. “It just means you’ll have to be closer to me.”

Jake slides a bit closer to him, his hands finding Nate’s and holding them against him. “I… think that’ll be just fine.”

Nate’s phone buzzes, and Jake shakes his head, taking Nate’s hand and kissing it. “It’s probably Hannah.”

Nate dries his hand and grabs the phone, looking at Jake questioningly. “Should I…?”

Jake shrugs, stiring up the water into sudsy bubbles. “She’ll never let us hear the end of it. But I… kind of don’t really care.”

Nate answers the Skype call and Hannah’s face pops onto the screen. “Nathan! Been trying to get a hold of you all morning! Where are you and J…” She stops, seemingly squinting at the screen. “Are you… in a bath?”

Jake blushes and Nate laughs, holding him close with his other arm. “We’re, uh… in a bath… in New York.”

Hannah stares for a second and then squeals. “Ohmygawd did you two actually go off and get married?!”

“What?!” Nikhil crowds onto the screen, cringing as Hannah squeals again. “You two went to New York and got married?”

“It was my idea! You owe me now!” Nik shakes his head and Hannah grins at the screen. “Okay, go off and have lots of newlywed sex and we’ll see you back here in a couple of days?”

Jake blushes, harder, at that, and Nate thinks he can hear Chris congratulating them somewhere behind Hannah. “Yeah. Sorry for not letting you know. It was kind of an impromptu thing.”

Hannah laughs again. “I’ll bet. Have fun, you two!”

She hangs up and he puts the phone back, smiling as he feels Jake turn around and kiss him. “That wasn’t so bad, right?”

“I… guess not.” Jake smiles at him, gently kissing him again.

“So I’m expecting you want breakfast now. Or brunch. Or whatever it’s time for.” To his surprise, Jake just shrugs, turning back around and pulling Nate’s arms around him.

“Yes, but it’s also really nice here with you, right now. Can we… stay here, for a bit?”

“That… that sounds perfect.”

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