Fic: Closer Than Ever

Hey, look. It’s another fic! (See all of them here.)

There’s a lot of things, in terms of backstory with the other characters and things that you don’t see, that I have specced out in my mind. I thought it would be interesting to present them in text form to fill in some of the gaps, as it were, in the main YAGS storyline.

Needless to say, these pieces will be highly spoilerific, so I recommend you do not read them unless you have finished the game at least once. (Likewise, they may not make as much sense if you haven’t played the game at least once.)

Seriously. Spoilers ahead! Do not continue if you haven’t played the game!

Additional warning: This fic is highly explicit, and NSFW, and all of that stuff. R18+, NC-17, XXX, etc, etc. (This is also my first attempt at writing explicit sex, so hopefully it’s not utterly terrible.)

Friday March 7, 2008

You look up from your laptop as the door opens, quickly removing your feet from the coffee table. You know he hates that, and you don’t do it intentionally, but you find you’re just used to putting your feet up while you work. James walks through the door, followed by Liz and Liz, to your surprise.

Liz G. meets your gaze and grins. “Chris!”

Liz B. hangs back by the door, looking like she’s trying to get Liz to leave. “Um. Now we’ve seen it. Can we go, babe?”

Liz makes her way over to you and gives you a hug. James watches her walk over to the couch, shoes and all, and you can already tell he’s sighing inside.

“Hi Chris! Writing some code?”

Liz B. smiles at you apologetically. “Sorry to bother the two of you this late. She wanted to see James’ apartment, and I guess she wore him down.”

She looks around as Liz G. scurries into the kitchen. James visibly winces.

“It’s pretty nice though. It’s very… you, James.”

“What’s in your fridge?” Liz G. opens the fridge and Liz B. watches her, shaking her head.

“Okay, babe. We really should go.” She looks over at James, who is shifting uncomfortably. “I’m sure they want to get to bed anyway.”

“To fuck.”

Liz mouths an apology to James before heading over to Liz, grabbing her arm, and pulling her toward the door. “Okay. This way now.”

“Bye James! Chris!”

James shuts the door behind them and sighs, watching you wordlessly as you grab the sweeping mop from the closet. You walk up him and he smiles at you, his eyes sparkling. “God I love you.”

He hangs his coat up before kissing you quickly. Even the momentary contact is electric, and you force your mind to refocus on code.  He takes the mop from you. “I can do it. You almost done?”

“Yeah, I just need to finish up this method.”

He nods, looking at you lustfully. “Then bed?”

“Definitely bed.”

He mops quickly, almost impatiently, and disappears into the bedroom while you put the finishing touches on your code. You can hear the sound of running water, and its association with much more lascivious activities causes your cock to begin to stir.

You quickly bid good night to Jake and Janet, sign off, and follow him into the bathroom. James is in the shower, and you catch a glimpse of his bare backside through the fogged-up glass.

Your cock twitches, and you swallow, finding yourself unable to look away from him. He turns, notices you, and raises an eyebrow at you, the hint of a smile on his lips.

You think he’s absolutely gorgeous.

You quickly strip and join him in the shower, wrapping your arms around him and feeling his heartbeat against your chest. He’s smiling now, fully, and he pulls you closer against him, closing his eyes. “Hi. That’s… nice. It’s nice when you spend the night.”

You can feel his cock twitch against you, the growing need between the two of you making itself more evident. You push back against him and he groans, pulling away from you.

“Not sure this is a practical place for that. Um.” He smiles and kisses you gently. “Shower quickly, then bed?“

You reluctantly release him, watching him wash his hair, following the trail of suds down his chest down to his erection, wondering in the back of your mind how such a mundane activity could be so captivating. He notices your gaze and shakes his head, smiling, and you’re pretty sure that he’s stopped minding when you stare at him like that.

You go through the motions yourself, taking extra effort to make sure you’re clean as he finishes and heads back to the bedroom. Alone again, the thought of the request you’re going to make tonight resurfaces, and you hope that your nervousness doesn’t manage to get the better of you.

You finish and dry off, following him to the bedroom. He’s laying a towel on the bed, and turns when you enter the room, blushing as your gaze is drawn to his cock, now fully erect. “Sorry. Just… thinking of you.” He lays down on the towel and smiles at you.

You join him, bodies pressed together and your lips finding his, your hands tangling in his hair in an effort to pull him closer. You grind against him and he moans into the kiss, breaking and looking at you through half-lidded eyes. “I… I need you.”

You nod and roll off of him, watching him grab a condom and lube from the nightstand. The knot in your stomach grows bigger, and you stare at the condom, trying to find the words.

He looks over at you, smiling, then raises an eyebrow when he sees your expression. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just… how do you feel about maybe… skipping the condom?“

He stares at you for what feels like forever, his face unusually unreadable, even for you, your sense of dread growing. Then he smiles, and your stomach unknots itself as you stare into his eyes, filled with concern but also some primal need that excites you.

“I would, um… like that. But are you sure? I know we both, um…” He blushes, staring at the wrapped piece of latex. “I know it’ll be fine, but still.”

You kiss him, gently, and intertwine your fingers with his. “Yeah. I understand if you don’t want to because, uh… cleanliness or whatever. But I’d kind of like to feel just you.”

He swallows and stares into your eyes, his grip on your hand tightening, the need more clearly visible now. “I… I think I’d really like that.”

He puts the condom back in the drawer and lubes you up quickly, pushing you onto your back and kissing you passionately. Any doubt that you may have had about the situation have long since been erased, and if he has any concerns about what you’re about to do either, he’s not showing it.

“Chris, you’re beautiful.”

You wrap your legs around his back and you can feel his rapid breath against your face as he nudges against you. He seems to be shaking from the effort of restraining himself. “Um. We don’t have to if… if you don’t…” You resist the urge to beg him for it.

You kiss him instead, feeling his hair fall down and over your face, still damp, pulling him closer with your legs until he slips inside of you.

He breaks, groaning, struggling in the effort to not move, his arms shaking. You’re stretched in the most amazing way, and no matter how often you do this, you still find him uncomfortably large, but somehow perfect anyway.

“Chris, that…. that feels… amazing.”

You kiss him again, your hands finding his butt and pulling him toward you, slowly easing him into you, the burning giving way to pleasure. Soon, he’s buried inside you, his pubes against your ass and his head against your shoulder, the most arousing sounds spilling from his mouth. It feels much more intimate than usual, with nothing between you. Your cock rubs against his abs, and you can feel him twitch inside you.

“Please…” you beg, and he moves then, his lips on yours as he thrusts into you, slowly at first, then with an increased sense of urgency that leaves you breathless and wanting more. Your hands aimlessly find his hair, and his back, and he moans into your mouth, suddenly breaking.

“Chris… I’m… I’m going to…“ You pull him into you again with your legs, feeling him bottom out. “Oh god I’m…”

Then his lips are on yours again, desperately, and you swear you can feel him filling you as he collapses on top of you. The thought drives you over the edge as well, and for a moment, it feels like nothing else in the world matters.

He lays there afterward for a bit, still inside you, lips trailing off of yours and to your cheek as he rests his head next to yours on the pillow and the two of you catch your breaths. “I’m… I’m sorry. I just couldn’t…”

You laugh and turn to him, kissing him again, wanting somehow to convey to him how right that felt. “That was perfect.”

He smiles, the blue in his eyes sparking. “Then I’m not sorry. That was… amazing.”

He slides out of you, gently, wiping the two of you off and dropping the towel on the floor before pulling you against him again.

“Thank you.”

You nuzzle into his shoulder in response, arm over his chest, and he sighs happily. His fingers trail down your back, rubbing your entrance, as if apologizing. You hold him tighter and he makes a happy noise.

The two of you lay there and he falls silent, arm around you possessively as you run your fingers down his side. He looks at you and smiles, nervously. 

“Um. Question. Are you… living with Hannah again, next year?”

You hadn’t actually considered housing plans yet, and wonder if he’s going to ask what you think he’s going to ask. “I’m not sure. Why?”

“Um.” He kisses your forehead, and pulls you closer to him. “Do you want to… move in with me, instead?“

You’re pretty sure you’d like nothing more than that, and tell him so, and he nods, kissing you gently. “Good. You’re relaxing.” He shifts his gaze to the bathroom. “But should probably clean up.”

He reluctantly rolls out of bed, grabs the towel from the floor, and heads to the bathroom. You follow, your intimacy giving you a continued need to be close to him. A strange sensation stops you at the bathroom door, and wipe at your leg.

It’s James’ semen, running down your leg, and it should be disgusting, but instead you find the thought of it turns you on again. James, standing at the sink and wiping himself off, looks over at you, and raises an eyebrow at your expression. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Just that your, uh…. your cum is running out of me. It’s a nice feeling.”

He stares at you, and you watch him swallow before he’s suddenly on you again, lips hungrily claiming yours while his fingers slide into you. You’re both hard again, and he pushes you against the wall. grinding against you.

He breaks for air and growls into your ear. “I think it’s hot when you’re full of my cum.” His voice makes you shiver, and he bites at your shoulder. His fingers tease another trickle from you, the liquid running slowly down your leg.

You still manage to be surprised by James’ sexual aggression, no matter how many times you experience it.

He turns you around, roughly, and slides into you again, wrenching a moan from both your lips. It’s not as gentle as usual, but you find you’re too caught up in the need to care.

“Chris you.. you feel amazing.” His hand finds your cock and he strokes you roughly, in time with his thrusts. You twist your neck around, awkwardly, finding his mouth and kissing him, and that’s all it takes before he let out a choked yell and both of you are cumming again.

He slides out of you gently afterward, and you turn back around, letting his weight press you against the wall. You can feel him smile next to you.

“Thank you. But I’m, uh… really not sorry, that time.”

You laugh against him and nuzzle into his neck, his stubble tickling your face. “Good.”

The two of you stand there for a bit, catching your breaths. He eventually pulls away, kissing you. “Should actually clean up for bed though. Um.” He takes your hands in his and smiles at you. “I love you, Christopher.”

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