Todo List #7

The goal is more cleanup:

  • Update RenPy version
  • Make sure sprites wear the appropriate accessories in epilogues
  • More oogling of Jake, Nikhil, and Dan if you find them attractive
  • More impact on scenes and choices from personality
  • Clean up banter with Jake and Nikhil
  • Add a character profile for Janet
  • More happy dreams if/when you’re not dating anyone
  • Attempt to add a link to immediately show collectible descriptions when you find one

And, of course, as they come in…

  • Replace sprites with new ones
  • Replace backgrounds with new ones

I have no illusions that I’ll get all of this done in the next build, but this represents the remainder of the active work items I have for the game.

Plus I need to continue work on the BTS book, but that’s something I can do more easily over break.

Progress! (The verb, this time.)

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