Bob C Games

Yearning: A Gay Story (

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(2017-2019) A character-driven slice-of-life visual novel with dating sim elements, following the adventures of a gay male (you!) through acclimating to college, making friends, and coming out.

Zen: A Gay Sequel

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(2019-?) The sequel to YAGS, presented as a more traditional stat-based dating sim. Balance your studies, responsibilities, and free time with your pursuit of a boyfriend!

Earth Boys Are Easy (

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(BaraJam 2018) A short, comedic project featuring aliens, sex, and excessive amounts of eggplants.

Xenopathy (

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(YaoiJam 2018) A group visual novel with aliens, romance, and mystery.

Whale's Waldo (

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(Nanoreno 2018) A group visual novel/dating sim. World travel, sea creatures, and thou.