Random Moving On Ficlet

Some random early-morning writing.

(This is a mirror of a random work from cohost)

Karl told himself that Sean was off limits.

It wasn't just the fact that Sean was his brother-in-law. Or the fact that Karl was only recently widowed. Or the fact that Sean was only recently divorced. Or the fact that they were both still mourning Karl's late husband (who was also Sean's twin brother).

Maybe it was all of those things together.

So one day, when he wakes up with a pounding headache, naked in Sean's bed, and with memories of the previous night's drinking (and commiserating) in his mind, he tries to slip out as silently as possible. Maybe he could pretend that it never happened.

But Sean wakes up, and despite the throbbing pain in both of their heads, they have sex again that morning.

And then they talk, and get their feelings out in the open, and agree to take things slow.

And yeah, maybe it's exactly what both of them needed.